Laser Pulse Cleaning is...

Pulses of concentrated light are used to dislodge and evaporate EVERYTHING that is considered a contaminant. That means rust, paint, grease, “mystery goo”, moss, lichen, etc. can be removed from metals, wood, plastic, stone, pavement, and more. All with a pass under the laser. 

Here are some more frequently asked questions about cleaning surfaces with lasers.

No. This is contactless cleaning on the micro-meter level. By using closely calibrated and pinpointed light we are able to vaporize (in scientific terms: sublimate) the contaminant, which causes a pressure wave, pushing the contaminant away from the substrate and into our specialized fume extractor (super strong and micro meshed vacuum). No sandblasting, pressure washing, solvents, or structure or surface-damaging stress on your pavement, fence, machinery, etc.

Our lasers can handle up to 10sq. m/h, but that all depends on access and the material to be removed. When you call us, we can better understand the time required for your project. 

Precious metals, steel, stainless steel, copper, alloys, wood, stone, marble, ceramics, compounds, coated materials, plastics, pavement, and poured concrete. This laser pulse cleaning can be applied almost anywhere because it is non-toxic, portable, and fast.

It depends on the machinery, but yes. You can avoid the time-consuming process of 

  • Disassembly your machines
  • Spraying them with a caustic chemical solution
  • Rinsing off the chemical solution
  • Watching the run-off enter the water supply
  • Waiting for it to dry
  • Remounting

And then finally re-applying lubricants. 

We simply point the laser while removing the vapourised contaminants and you are ready to go. Lubricate away.

That is how we get conveyor belts in the food, fabrication, and manufacturing industries sparkling clean. We simply mount the laser, point it at the belt, and take a pass at it.

We can be onsite for pre- and post-NDT, giving you that “Golden Weld”.

We can get about 1mm off in a single laser pass. That’s a millimeter of rust, grime, paint, and oils GONE.

We reach up to 20 um roughness. But we can also texturize metal surfaces while cleaning, allowing for better adhesion of a new protective coating.

Just like with welding, the light can damage your eyes, but we wear protective eyewear to make sure that we are protecting ourselves. Unlike with welding, you can safely run your hand under the laser and it would have no more effect on your skin than if you put your hand into a room lit with a regular lightbulb. Unlike solvents, degreasers, and blasters (etc.), there is no risk to you or the environment.

When applying the laser, we use an extractor to remove the vapourised matter from the surrounding air or water  Captured in our extractor we then dispose of the contaminants via environmentally approved disposal companies. Should you wish to use your own extractor methods, we can support that as well. 

If you have more questions, please feel free to ring us. We'll be happy to help.