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Getting laser clean started a world away...

After years of working in Industrial Quality Departments across the globe, Owner Terry South had seen enough slowdowns, stoppages, and safety hazards due to poor quality cleaning to know there had to be a better solution. 

But getting the level of cleanliness needed for operational excellence meant sacrificing something. Cheap came with chemicals, solvents, and time issues. Convenience came with sacrificing the substrate needed for operations. Chemicals, pressure washing, and sandblasting were not the answer. 

Total equipment lifespan was not the supplier’s concern, only the deadline day for delivery and payment.

Upon return to the UK, he decided to find a way to help businesses big and small stay on top of their environmental goals without sacrificing on getting a clean that is essential to maintaining safety standards.

By reaching out through his network of industrial clients, scientific colleagues, and professional contacts, he found Pulse Laser Cleaning was the answer. 

Using this highly portable and completely practical laser and fume extractor, the ISR Laser team is able to get your substrate back to new with 

Zero damage
Zero contact
Zero contaminants left behind
Minimized downtime
Maximized performance retention
Minimize cost.

Get your location on the cutting edge of clean. 

Get the laser on site

Commercial, Industrial, and Domestic Cleaning on the Cutting Edge

We partner with Diodela, a laser welding and cleaning manufacturer in Europe. As one of the early adopters of their highly portable and extremely effective laser cleaning devices, we are privy to all the latest in training, products and applications.  You can find out more about them at 
Across the NE and the Whole of the Uk

Located in the NE, Accessible to the UK

From the Angel of the North to Canary Warf, we can help you get almost any mess cleaned up without damaging your substrate, your lungs, or the environment. 

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In developing a company for the future, it has been the aim within ISR to provide an energy efficient and environmentally friendly service for cleaning of oxidisation and contamination without the use of CO2, blasting or chemicals. This is achieved using lasers, so the minimum of energy is used exploiting the ablation rate of materials and is seen as a positive environmental leap forward to cleaning in the future.